A landscape masterplan or landscape strategy may be required to support a planning application submission, or site promotion.  They provide an outline of the approach for the landscape treatment of a proposed development.  They illustrate how the external spaces between and around buildings can contribute to the overall character and qualities of the development.  They can also help to demonstrate how the development will relate to the setting and context.  A landscape masterplan will typically set out a design approach to any public realm spaces, streetscape, open spaces and may include proposals for mitigation structural planting.

A landscape masterplan or strategy can be an appropriate way of informing the planning appraisal process of the local authority for an Outline or Full planning application.  This may allow production of fully detailed landscape proposals to be delayed until Reserved Matters or Condition Discharge procedures.

We produce visually persuasive presentations for our landscape masterplan work, with rich renderings of the proposals in context.  Written explanations and outlines are also prepared where appropriate.  Landscape masterplans and supporting written statements may form standalone drawings or be part of more comprehensive development promotion documents, such as a section of a Design & Access Statement.